Proxidize is good, it has been around for a while, it works and it’s run by very talented people. But, it has 1 major flaw, it is very expensive for small users. This was one of the main motives that lead us to start ProxyDIY Make mobile proxy solutions and it made it clear that the world needs a Proxidize alternative.

And even though they offer a free plan it is very limited.

We have helped many peoples move away from Proxidize and we never heard complaints.

So why is ProxyDIY the perfect Proxidize alternative?

1. ProxyDIY costs less than Proxidize

First, ProxyDIY costs less than half what Proxidize does. Cost isn’t everything, but it’s important to understand the value you are getting. Our solution exists to help users that want to run away from expensive proxy solutions, so being affordable is out main priority.

2. Proxidize and ProxyDIY have almost all the same features

ProxyDIY has almost all the features of Proxidize, and most users will not notice a difference when switching to ProxyDIY.

3. Proxidize is more difficult to use than ProxyDIY

ProxyDIY is easier to use. Proxidize has many complex configurations and settings that might scare away new users, but ProxyDIY is very simple and intuitive to use. No complex configurations or technical knowledge required.

Conclusion, best Proxidize alternative:

Taking all of that in consideration, ProxyDIY is the best Proxidize alternative for users of all sizes.


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