Create & Build Your Own 4G Proxies With ProxyDIY To Use or Sell.

You will get super quality 4G mobile proxies when you make them yourself using ProxyDIY. A solution created for people who want to make their own 4G proxies to save money and get better proxies on Windows or Linux.

Why Make My Own 4G Proxies Using ProxyDIY?

Save Money

When making your own 4G mobile proxies using ProxyDIY you will save up to 90% of proxy costs. This will save you important costs that you can invest in your business.

Full Control

Proxy sellers always lie about the quality and number of proxies. But when you make your own 4G proxies using ProxyDIY you will have full control.

Better proxies

The 4G proxies you create using ProxyDIY will be super compared to sellers because no other will be using the proxy as you.

Sell in Marketplace

ProxyDIY will allow you to make your own 4G mobile proxies that you can use for yourself or sell in our marketplace to cover all your costs.

Should You Use ProxyDIY To Create 4G Proxies?

ProxyDIY-Create 4G mobile proxies

Make 4G Mobile Proxies That Are So Much Better

As a business owner, you have to take full control of your business and the only way to do that is to make your own 4G proxies.


Making your own 4G proxies is so much better than buying because you will make better proxies and save money.

Make any type of 4G mobile proxies

ProxyDIY will allow you to make superior 4G mobile proxies of any type. Be it HTTP/S or SOCKS.


Whether it is IPV4 or IPV6 you can always rely on ProxyDIY to make the best type of mobile proxy possible.

ProxyDIY Better 4G proxy solution
ProxyDIY-4G proxies

Create unlimited 4G mobile proxies and scale with no limit

We will tell you exactly what hardware you need and how to get it so you can scale your mobile proxy farm from 1 modem to 1,000+ modems.

The ProxyDIY 4G Proxy Creation Dashboard Is Powerful

Our powerful interface will allow you to make and create 4G mobile proxies so easily without having to write any code or do any complicated configurations. The interface was designed to be 


How To Use ProxyDIY To Create 4G Proxies?

Get your hardware icon

1. Get Your Hardware

ProxyDIY supports different types of USB LTE dongles that you can find in any country around the world. You will also need a laptop or PC to install ProxyDIY on and you’ll be good to go.

2. Connect Everything Together

Once you have all your hardware, you just need to connect everything together. Connect your dongles to your USB hub and to the PC and power everything on.

ProxyDIY hardware on the active situation
Install ProxyDIY .

3. Install ProxyDIY

Once everything is connected, you now need to install ProxyDIY which you can do in a few clicks. ProxyDIY is very easy to install and anyone who is not technical can do it.

ProxyDIY Pricing

Basic Plan

For small uses
$ 24
  • Up to 5 modems
  • Instant download
  • Get all features
  • Access marketplace

Advanced Plan

For advanced uses
$ 49
  • Up to 10 modems
  • Instant download
  • Get all features
  • Access marketplace​

Super Plan

For big uses
$ 99
  • Up to 20 modems
  • Instant download
  • Get all features
  • Access marketplace​

About ProxyDIY Creating 4G Proxy Solution

We are a team of developers from Europe who were dissatisfied with existing proxy providers so we decided to create our own and make a platform that is cheap and available for anyone to use.


We have now dedicated our lives to fighting corrupt proxy providers and help everyone create 4G proxies.

Frequently Asked Questions About Creating 4G Proxies:

It i not hard at all. It’s simple and plug and play.

You only need the modems and ProxyDIY plan. That’s it!

You only need USB modems and a PC. It’s extra simple.

Any SIM card will work. No need for specific type of SIM card.

You can use ProxyDIY on any OS be it Windows, Linux, Android or iPhone.

Yes, because our rate so cheap we provide help for $40/hour

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